Fahed Al Kuwaiti

Administrative Officer

Fahed Al Kuwaiti joined the police in 2008, where his professional career received a boost from field to operational management, which was further developed into expert supervision.

Currently Fahed serves as a key member for the strategic and administrative department of varied police segments including criminal, security, social and community research. While Fahed has been an integral part of several local and regional ministerial summits, conferences, symposia and official meetings, he’s also outlined innovative strategies for institutional systems and laws and legislation.

As a Master of Business Administration from Abu Dhabi University, UAE, Fahed has had the opportunity to develop the ECTL system in the Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarters which involved the introduction of service screens that facilitate the development of ADSL User's handling. The confidentiality system was developed under the authority of the Minister of Interior and uses the best methods and standards for operations.

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