The Programme

Core Programme

The Abdulaziz Leadership Program is a unique opportunity for young professionals to learn some of the most important lessons of modern leadership.  Much of the program detail is delivered face-to-face in one of five locations (Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaima), but the program material will be available to each delegate through electronic access – no paper!  Successful delegates will be required to attend for 100% of each session.  

The program has a main core of topics delivered over a series of five, 2-day sessions, each session delivered at approximately two-week intervals, and with three additional modules included in the overall schedule. The core module covers

  • Personal Development (PD – including personal psychometric profiling);
  • Organisational Behaviour (OB – including the need to adopt relevant behaviour in the workplace);
  • Strategic Management (SM – including the limitations on strategy that must be attended to);
  • Change Management (CM – including the need for constant change, and why people will resist you); and,
  • Performance Management (PM – including competence and the setting of goals and targets).

In addition, the core module has special input sessions on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and the leadership requirements of Social Media (SocM).  Knowledge experts from the relevant fields will deliver each of these sessions, and they will ensure that each delegate leaves the program with a clear understanding of the place of EQ and social media in the leaders’ lives.

Subsidiary Modules

Three subsidiary modules are included in the overall program to further support the growth of personal and professional leadership in each delegate.  The first additional module concerns Etiquette & Protocol, and an Emirati facilitator who is experienced in the correct forms and uses of required protocol in the Arab world, and when Arabic personnel are visiting outside of their own country, will deliver this module.  This module covers five single days, and these days are added at the end of each of the core module’s two-day sessions, which means that the delegates will be together in the various presentation centres for five, 3-day sessions in total.

The second subsidiary module is Health & Nutrition (H&N).  Two experienced professionals, one male and one female, will be measuring the body statistics of the successful delegates on the first day of the program, and they will be supporting the delegates throughout the program with individual and group sessions, both in the presentation room, with email information, and through one-to-one telephone conversations.  The professionals will supply each delegate with a personalised program for their health and nutrition needs, and the H&N professionals will again measure the delegates’ relevant body statistics on the final day of the program. This will provide a clear indication of the effort and achievement made by each delegate throughout the program. 

To support all of these modules, two female professional coaches, one European and one Arab, will deliver the third subsidiary module, a Coaching and Mentoring (C&M) module.  The coaches will explain and deliver the module initially by face-to-face group work and then by one-to-one personal telephone conversations, with specific input for each delegate to guide and support them on their path to leadership growth.  The purpose of the C&M module is to ensure that each delegate recognises their individual paths and requirements, and that they receive full support as they strive to achieve their personal and professional goals

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What Next?

This program is not for everyone! If the statistics for this program follow the usual pattern, less than one in every ten applicants will be successful in their application, which means that those who are successful are already showing the seeds of good leadership. 

If you apply, you may not be selected.
If you do not apply, you will certainly not be selected!